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    Make Money Matter

    This is a project I am extremely proud to have produced. How you can turn your business into a "For Purpose" business model similar to Toms Shoes.

    Planet Republic

    Tommy plays the role of Derek in this scifi comedy TV pilot.


    Tommy Berretz worked on Be Not Afraid as an Associate Executive Producer. Release Date: Winter 2017

    • This post-modern take on angels welcomes audiences into a world where the Heavenly Elite are just as flawed and confused as the humans they’re sent to serve.
    • Be Not Afraid! embodies a fresh, subversive spirituality that bucks against rigid religiosity in exchange for a fantastical world where: inadequacy serves inadequacy, the Divine is more into people discovering their true selves than trying to behave, and the line between the sacred and profane is drawn with a surprisingly generous brushstroke.