• Business

    Entrepreneur, Investor, Acquisition Expert & Consultant

    • As a serial entrepreneur, Tommy, has created multiple businesses that have produced over $17 Million in sales. Tommy is an expert at building award-winning business cultures that are generative and empowered. Therefore, allowing Tommy to work “on” the business opposed to working “in” the business. Subsequently, Tommy’s businesses operate independently and provide exceedingly sellable businesses. Tommy implements a “For Purpose” business model into every business. (Think Toms Shoes)
    • As a successful entrepreneur Tommy wants to share his secrets of success with likeminded business owners. Tommy started a business, Sellable, Inc., to consult entrepreneurs on how to turn their business into a passive income producing asset, consequently, creating a sellable business. As a consultant, Tommy focuses on increased revenue, profits, & exposure through various tactics of team building and marketing.
    • Whether it is Real Estate or Business, Tommy invests in both. In real estate, Tommy provides capital (Lending) to real estate investors, purchases rental property (residential & commercial), & conducts short term flips. Businesses that Tommy invests in are mostly service based due to his tenure of experience. He provides businesses with a line of credit (LOC), capital improvement loans, & capital injections for startups to gain an equity capture within the business. 
    • Business list: Project Punchline, Inc., Project Punchline Productions, Sellable, Inc., Roundtable Entertainment, LLC., Texas Aquatic Enterprises, Inc., & Zella Tech.